The first day in Manila

This is my first time to Philippines. At the first sight that I see the airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), I thinking of the Don Muang Airport immediately because it looks quite similar. But, this airport should be bigger than Don Muang due to there are 4 terminals here and Don Muang has just only 2.

After landing and pass the immigration process, I took a taxi to the accommodation. On the way to the hotel, I saw many kind of trees which as same as in Thailand such as Coral Vine, Royal Poinciana and etc. The view along the way to the hotel looks like suburb of Bangkok (Bangna or Nonthaburi vicinity). I also see the big PTT fuel station here.

The situation which make me thinking of Bangkok is the traffic. The traffic here is very terrible. I stuck in the traffic jam and it took around 2 hours and a haft from the airport to the hotel. It might be the symptom of ‘home sick’ crisis.

One thing which is totally different from Bangkok is there are a lot of security guard with guard dog. The inspection is very strictly. I have to open my bag every times I pass the checkpoint. That’s make me feel uncomfortable and not safe enough.

In the evening after 1st day training, Our host took us to try the Philippines local food. I have try Adobo — look like pork boiled in soy sauce, Sisig, Sinigang–similar to Thai spicy lemongrass soup but there is no chili. It’s taste is sour and salty, another one I cannot remember it’s name. It look likes Fired Pork with garlic but more salty. Another menu is a fruit salad which contain mango, grapefruit, toasted coconut, dried salt prawn and shrimp paste. It’s taste is sour and smelly. I forgot it’s name as well. I’ve try ‘Halo-Halo’. It’s the popular Filipino dessert it’s a mixtures of shaved ice and taro ice cream. The shaved ice which mixed in Halo-halo is similar to our shaved ice. Ingredient–as I see– includes shaved ice, jackfruit, jelly, kidney bean, lotus seed, palm seed and custard. The taste is not quite sweet but very delicious.

During the dinner, I looked around and see that the Filipino is similar to the Thai. I feel like having dinner at somewhere else in Bangkok. It’s very strange, the country beside Thailand such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malay. We can recognise the differentiation among us but for the Filipino, we look very harmonious. even the location of the 2 countries are very far from each other.

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